Consumers Beware! The Market is Flooded with Counterfeit Imports. November 22 2013, 1 Comment

Yet another company in our industry is experiencing problems with counterfeit product that is imported from Asia.

This is highly problematic because consumers often rely on brand reputation to determine the quality of a product. If a product is sold under the false pretense of being a premium brand, its performance and safety is highly unlikely to be up to the expectations and requirements of the user.

Make sure that your vaping materials, like wick and resistance wire, come from a known source and are of a known composition before you compromise the quality of your vaping experience and risk your health. By choosing Vapowire you know you are getting the highest quality resistance wire, made exclusively here in the USA.

Check out this article from Ekowool regarding the counterfeiters they are having to deal with selling "ekowool" on

Attention: fake EKOWOOL silica!