1st Dealer Location - The Vape Bar (San Jose, CA) July 29 2013, 2 Comments

Introducing The Vape Bar, our very first Vapowire dealer in the San Francisco Bay Area!

The Vape Bar is located in a convenient location in downtown San Jose. They have an outdoor seating area, an indoor lounge, and a gorgeous wooden bar at which you can sit and taste their wide selection of premium juices. Take some time drop in, hang out, and talk with their knowledgeable and friendly staff and explore some options for mods and upgrades!

If you're in the area, be sure to check them out for both round and flat sizes of Vapowire as well as vape devices, eLiquids, and custom mods.

The Vape Bar
860 South 1st Street
Suite B
San Jose, CA 95110

The Vape Bar staff with Vapowire